The Kouroo Contexture

Page 2: Chronology

Page 3: The History of Quakerism

Page 4: Giving War a Chance

Page 5: Captain John Brown at Harpers Ferry

Page 6: The View from Greater Rhode Island

Page 7: Additional Materials

Page 8: Henry Thoreau

Page 9: The People of WALDEN, A WEEK, and CAPE COD

Page 10: The Orient

Page 11: The People of Concord


Extrapolations from the Kouroo Contexture:

We only started the free ARRGH Automated Research Report Generator Hotline in 2004, so only about 1% of the content of the Kouroo Contexture has been placed online as yet (there has yet to be a single cent of funding, so everything has to be done with pocket change and sweat equity). All we have so far are our responses to several hundred requests that have already been made by one or another scholar (requests such as "tell me everything you know about slavery"). As each request for a research report comes in, our response is to create a new file on this website. We have also added a listing of suggested topics on which we might in the future generate an informative ARRGH output report -- to provide you with examples of the sort of thing you might sensibly be led to request of us. Please take a look at the menus (at the left of the screen), and go to the subpages, and if you see a topic you are interested in and we haven't got that one loaded yet --please send us an email at and we'll put that one up promptly, and send you an email back when it is ready for you to look at. (You might say, for instance, "I'd like to see a biography of Waldo's son, Dr. Eddie Emerson.") Our response time is, ordinarily, well under one week.

Stay tuned, there is so much coming!